Daily WoW Randomness

Honorary Mentions:

We have a new addition to the guild!  Website is now up and running at our new address! Hell Yeah!  This site will be adding more and more content as we go. We still have some more tweaks but it will get there.  Working on the phone layout now and it should be done soon!  So if you are looking at this on your phone it will probably not be formatted right....GIve us a bit and it will.


Hope you all enjoy it!


We will be needing some screenshots of us in action so if anyone has anything to share let us know.  The more cool screenshots we get in the better....We will comb through them and post the best!  So if you see yours...Good Job!  Keep it up!

All Recruitment Info will be on Recruiting Page.


Online Application on Application Page.


All current Officers contact info will be on the contact page.

DO NOT harrass them...remember, they have the power to kick you! LoL ;)  The info is there for your ease of use so don't make us regret it. hehehe


All guild rules are posted...enjoy!  :)


Have fun fellow guildies!  See you in game!



Honorary Mention goes out to Paramedic for the idea of a guild website where we could recruit and have some different pics and videos for everyone to enjoy.  And to our new  member Kravenlock for running with it and building a site that hopefully will serve us for a long time!  He didn't mean to step on any don't hurt him...too much.



Thank you for your interest in Nights End.


<Nights End> Your Home For All Things PvP.


We sponsor nightly WPvP Raids, Arenas, RBG's and random BG's as well as fun weekly guild events that offer gold prizes and a sense of pride within our ranks.


We pride ourselves in making it a point to always be there for our Fellow Team Mates. From helping you get through quests, untarnished by the horde, to help with guild repairs and generous bank access, general advice and friendly support....we try to make WoW fun again!


JOIN US!  Let all who stand against us fear our name!